HTML <del> tag

Use of <del> tag

The <del> tag is used to define texts that has been deleted from a document. It is useful when you want to make changes a record from the former or initial name or value. Usually, the texts within the <del> and </del> will be line through.
Type: Inline Element

Example of <del> tag

<del> Deleted texts </del>

Supported Browsers

Tag Chrome browser Internet explorer browser Firefox browser Safari browser Opera browser
<del> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Full Code Example

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p> She loves <del> Tom </del> <ins> Mack. </ins> </p>


She loves Tom   Mack.

Attributes of <del> tag

Attribute Value Notes
cite URL It defines the URL of document that explains why the texts are deleted.
datetime YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD It defines the date and exact time when the texts was deleted.

Note that: these two attributes could not be seen on your ordinary web browsers because they are only for screen readers.

More reference

You can use <strike> tag to make strike through texts. But <strike> tag has removed in HTML5. Use <del> tag instead.
Actually, in HTML5 semantics, <del> tag should be used with <ins> tag such that the deleted value or former name is denoted by <del> tag while the new value added is represented by <ins> tag.

Default CSS properties of <del> tag

del {
    text-decoration: line-through;