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In this page,we will learn about HTML <progress> tag.

Use of <progress> tag

The <progress> tag is used to create progress-bar of a task.
It is mainly used to display progress-bar while the file is being upload.


Example of <progress> tag

    <progress value="50" max="100">

Supported Browsers.

<progress> 8.0 or higher 10.0 or higher 16.0 or higher 6.0 or higher 11.0 or higher

Full Code Example

<!DOCTYPE html>
<progress value="50" max="100">


More Reference

The <progress> tag is new in HTML5.
Inorder to make effective progress bar like you have seen while you are being upload video on YouTube,you have to coding with JavaScript language.
The <progress> tag is not suitable at the time of using scalar measurement with fractional value.Use <meter> instead.

Attributes of <progress> tag

Attribute Value Notes
max number It specifies how much the task requires to make it completed.
value number It specifies how much the tasks has been progressed or completed.