HTML small tag

HTML <small> tag

Use of <small> tag

The <small> tag is used to define small text with respect to the relative texts. For instance, if the surrounding texts is normal size, then <small> element renders small size but limited to a certain size which is set by the corresponding browsers.
The <small> tag is used in writing legal disclaimer, in making copyright notice or even in secondary side-bar. Using of <small> tag is rare in HTML5. Instead of <small> element, many web developers use CSS property "font-size" because it is supported in all platforms and can adjust the size what you prefer. It is all depends on the author's notion.
Type: Inline Element

Example of <small> tag

<small> Small texts </small>

Supported Browsers

Tag Chrome browser Internet explorer browser Firefox browser Safari browser Opera browser
<small> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Full Code Example

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p> This is <small> small texts. </small> </p>


This is small texts.